Egg and Bacon Pie

I remember my mother making this early in the morning before long car journeys. It would be wrapped in it's pie plate in a tea towel and eaten at lunch. It's nice and juicy when still a little warm from the oven. It's just as nice cold from the fridge.

The recipe is not vegetarian adaptable. Leave out the bacon and it's just not egg and bacon pie. So it will never be travelling food in my own little family. But every now and then I have an insane desire to make and eat this.

Part of the charm of this recipe is it's simplicity. You don't need to make the pastry, ready rolled puff is perfect. It doesn't need any herbs or spices, salt and pepper is enough. But it should have a pastry rose on top.

You will need
a metal pie dish or enamel camping plate
2 sheets ready rolled frosen puff pastry
8-12 eggs depending on the size of the pie plate
250g or thereabouts bacon
milk for brushing

To make
  1. Defrost pastry. Line pie dish.

  2. Chop the bacon into strips.

  3. Break half the eggs into the lined pie dish.

  4. Add bacon, making sure that the pieces are separated, and some salt and pepper.

  5. Add eggs until you reach the top of the pie dish or decide you've used enough eggs.

  6. Break egg yolks with a fork and mix a little.

  7. Using a pastry brush, moisten the edge of the pie with egg.Cover with remaining sheet of pastry.

  8. Trim and crimp edges together. Brush top with milk.  Add pastry roses and leaves.

  9. Bake at 180C until risen and nicely browned.

  10. Transport in pie plate, wrapped in a tea towell.

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